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Congressional Records

Honors to and the Active Noble Moors behind the scenes.

Documents are in the Bold Titles.

Treaty of Peace & Friendship 1787

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

George Washington to Sultan of Morocco 1789

Declaration of Human Rights

The Constitution For united States of America 1791

Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Treaty of Tripoli 1797

Proof of Treaty Request

Right of Protection in Morocco

Moorish Zodiac Constitution

4th Blacks Law Dictionary

The Rudder and Sextant


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Dispelling the Doctrine of Discovery: Unam Sanctum ~ Dum Diversas ~ Romanus Pontifex ~ Inter Caetera Divina ~ The Secret Treaty of Verona ~ Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 ~ Christian Black Codes of 1724

Invoking the Heirs of the Moorish Empire to stand on their square and enforce our Divine and National Movement of the World.

Unam Sanctum 1302

Dum Diversas 1452

Romanus Pontifex 1454

Inter Caetera Divina 1493

Cestui Que Vie 1666

Christian Black codes 1724

Additional Records

Secret Treaty of Verona

The Articles of Association 1774

Declartion of Independence 1776

Federal Convention of 1787

Articles of Confederation 1788

Britain’s Statute of Westminster of 1931

Emergency Banking Act of 1933

Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Vaticans Motu Proprio of 2013

General Civil Orders Of  2014

House Joint Resolution 192

U.S. Bankruptcy Speech

Modern Money Mechanics

Creditors and their Bonds

Seperation of Powers: Delegations

First National Bank

Special Investigation Expenditure

Law Redemption in Court

Message to the People

Convention on the Crime of Genocide

Jurispurdence and Legal Theory

Dred Scott vs. Sandford

Affidavit of Walker Todd

IRS Fraud Case Law

Articles of Confederation 1684

Unconstitutional 14th Amendment

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Dollar as a Weight of Gold

The Legal Process

The Monroe Doctrine

Behold a Pale Horse

House Resolution No. 1203

Astrological World Cycles

Egyptians in Ohio?

The Keys to the Colors

House Resolution No. 75

The Clearfield Doctrine

Title 18 Chapter 43 Section 911 – 916

Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

House Resolution 62

The Kybalion

Egyptian Pyramid Texts

Coming Forth by Day

The Aquarian Gospel

Original Article 13 Part 1 of 2

Original Article 13 Part 2 of 2

Outside the Circles of Time

The Universal One

Top Secret Banker’s Manual

Surrender Treaty of the Kingdom of Granada

Organized pseudolegal commercial arguments as Magic & Ceremony

Concise Trustee Handbook

The Code to the Matrix

The Significance of Stamps Used on Bank Notes