Moors In Full Life

In Honor of The Moorish Divine & National Movement of the World.

Know Your National Rights 
It’s the Order Of the Day

Visit us at the Moorish Science Temple of America #5 domiciled at 2530 Eglinton Ave West at Toronto Territory. Meet other Moors that build, learn and strive for continual development of the Nation. Attend our Sunday classes that cover Birth right, Economic expansion and Divine laws. With the Vizier leadership of Canaanland Grand Sheik Kudjo Adwo El, we continue to dispel Roman Curia Hegemony, and uplift fallen Humanity since the bishopric has socially and politically subjugated of our people (so-called “negros”, “blacks”, “colored” and “African-American”) that have been condition to be Nationless.

References, Correspondences & Archival records



Find some of the most important literature for all Moors. Whether you’re a beginner or a well-seasoned Moor, we have something for you. Feel free to suggest good literature that you think would complement our collection. If we do not have it here, we can assist you in getting it. 



Come to Know thyself! This is your place to educate and get yourself up to speed with valuable knowledge. All within this library is fee to view and read. We Encourage you to purchase your own hard copies at some point.

Dispelling Colorable Opinions, Actors & Entities

Become part of our community, meet like-minded people, educate yourself, and expand your mind.

Be Yourself or else Modern Eurpeans will be acting like you until you be yourself.

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