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E/Cn. 4/Sub.2/1994/2/ Add. 1 (1994).

Federally Enforced Pursuant to Article VI of the Constitution for the United States of America Republic and Article XI of the Articles of Confederation.

Affirming That Indigenous Peoples Are Equal In Dignity And Rights To All Other people, While Recognizing The Rights Of All Peoples To Be Different, To Consider Themselves Different, And To be respected As Such

Affirming Also That All People Contribute To The Diversity And Richness of Civilizations And Cultures, Which Constitute The Common Heritage Of Humankind,

Affirming Further That All Doctrines, Policies and Practices Based On Or Advocating Superiority Of Peoples Or Individuals On The Basis Of National Origin, Racial, Religious Ethnic Or Cultural Differences Are Racist, Scientifically False, Legally Invalid, Morally Condemnable And Socially Unjust,

Reaffirming Also That Indigenous Peoples, In The Exercise Of Their Rights, Should Be Free From Discrimination Of Any Kind.

Concerned The Indigenous Peoples Have Been Deprived Of Their Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms, Resulting, Inter Alia, In their Colonization And Dispossession Of Their Lands, Territories And Resources, Thus Preventing Them From Exercising, In particular, their Rights To Development In Accordance With their Own Needs And interests,

Recognizing The Urgent Need To Respect And Promote The Inherent Rights To Their Lands territories And Resources, Which Derive From Their Political, Economic And Social Structure And From Their Cultures, Spiritual Traditions, Histories And Philosophies,

Welcoming The Fact That Indigenous Peoples Are Organizing Themselves For Political, Economic, Social And Cultural Enhancement And In Order To Bring An End to All Forms Of Discrimination And Oppression Where They Occur,


Article 1

Indigenous People Have The Right To The Full And Effective Enjoyment Of All Human Rights And fundamental Freedoms Recognized In The Charter Of The United Nations, The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And International Human Rights Law.

Article 2

Indigenous Individuals And Peoples Are Free And Equal To All Other Individuals And Peoples In Dignity And Rights, And Have The Right To Be Free From Any Kind Of Adverse Discrimination; In Particular That Based On Their Indigenous Origin Or Identity.

Article 3

Indigenous People Have The Right Of Self-Determination, By Virtue Of That Right They Freely Determine Their Political Status And Freely Pursue Their Economic, Social And Cultural Development.

Article 4

Indigenous Peoples Have The Right To Maintain And Strengthen Their Distinct Political, Economic, Social And Cultural Characteristics, As Well As their Distinct Political, Economic, Social And Cultural Life Of The State.

Article 5

Every Indigenous Individual Has The Right To A Nationality.

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…Help me to save my people who have fallen from the constitutional laws of government. I am depending on your support to get them back to the constitutional fold again that they will learn to love instead of hate, and will live according to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, supporting our free national constitution for the United States of America…

Excerpt from “Divine Warning For the Nations”

By Prophet Noble Drew Ali